• Fire Door Test Falcon Panels

    04, October, 2018
    We were involved in the fire door test for Falcon Panels. Watch the videos below to find out more information.
  • Dustraction’s Dustrax No 27 RV Series filter system ticks the box

    04, October, 2018
    Following the purchase of a second site for his growing fire door manufacturer business, Adrian Goldsbury, Owner of Door & Joinery Solutions Ltd, commissioned experienced wood waste extraction specialist, Dustraction, to design, build and install a new and highly efficient extraction system for his new factory and purpose-built spray room in Burton upon Trent.Already running a dust extraction system and filtered spray area in his Leicester-based factory, Adrian had clear objectives on what he wanted his new extraction system to achieve. “Our second site is a complete replica of our unit in Leicester and includes the same machinery, manufacturing processes ...
  • Fire Door Testing

    04, October, 2018
    We are featured on the website. Read about the summary test results from the government’s investigation into timber fire doors here: