Door Sets

Door & Joinery Solutions Ltd is your trusted provider of superior quality fire door sets. Our comprehensive selection is meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of both commercial and residential environments, ensuring adherence to the most stringent fire safety regulations. With a strong focus on quality and compliance, we offer solutions that safeguard lives and property alike.

Whether you're a business owner seeking to enhance the safety of your commercial premises, a member of a senior management team responsible for ensuring building compliance or a homeowner looking to upgrade your fire protection measures, our products are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertly crafted door sets are not just about meeting legal requirements. They are about instilling confidence and providing peace of mind.

We understand that safety is paramount. That's why every product in our range combines innovative engineering with high-quality materials to offer unmatched performance in fire safety. By choosing us, you're not just purchasing a fire door, you're investing in a robust safety solution that guarantees enhanced protection against fire hazards.

What is a fire door set?

A fire door set is a comprehensive safety installation designed to provide critical protection in the event of a fire. Each set includes the fire door itself and comes with a pre-fitted frame and all essential hardware required for immediate installation and use. This hardware consists of hinges, handles, locking mechanisms, and often other fire-resistant components that are vital for maintaining the integrity of the door during a fire.

These components are meticulously engineered to work in unison to maximise both safety and functionality. The precise alignment of the door with its frame and the quality of the hardware ensures that the entire assembly functions as a single cohesive unit. This integration is crucial as it strengthens the door's ability to withstand the intense heat and pressure during a fire and prevents the passage of smoke and flames.

Fire doors serve a fundamental role in fire safety by acting as a barrier that slows the spread of fire and smoke through a building. This containment is vital as it provides occupants with additional time to evacuate safely and can also help to limit property damage before emergency services arrive. In multi-storey buildings or complex layouts, fire doors help to create safe passageways to exit points, which are essential for effective emergency evacuations.

Why fire rated door and frame sets are essential

Fire door sets are an indispensable element in the safety infrastructure of any building, be it commercial or residential. The primary role of these pre hung fire doors is to serve as a critical barrier against the spread of fire and smoke, which can be lifesaving during emergencies. By installing the right fire door sets, property owners ensure the safety of occupants and comply with stringent fire safety regulations, which are enforced to minimise risks and enhance emergency response effectiveness.

The importance of adhering to these regulations cannot be overstated. Compliance ensures that a building meets all legal requirements for fire safety, which can significantly affect insurance premiums, legal liability, and the overall safety rating of the property. Non compliance, on the other hand, can lead to severe consequences. These include potential fines and legal action and the possibility of closures or operational interruptions, which can impact revenue and business reputation adversely. In more severe cases, it can result in criminal liability, especially if non compliance leads to injury or loss of life.

Our pre hung fire doors at Door & Joinery Solutions are specifically designed to meet these regulatory demands without compromise. Each set is crafted using materials and techniques that align with the latest fire safety and building technology advancements. Our commitment to quality ensures that each installation provides optimal performance in fire resistance and control of smoke spread, which is critical during an evacuation, allowing individuals crucial time to reach safety.

By choosing our certified pre hung fire doors, you are choosing a product that has been rigorously tested and proven to perform under the conditions for which it was designed. This certification is not just a mark of quality but a reassurance that the fire rated door and frame sets will function as expected in critical moments, providing peace of mind to business owners, facility managers, and homeowners alike.

Why choose Door & Joinery Solutions?

At Door & Joinery Solutions, we are acutely aware of the critical importance of reliable and compliant fire protection solutions. This understanding drives our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, making us the preferred supplier for business owners, senior management teams, and homeowners alike.

One of the cornerstone reasons our customers trust us is our expertise and certification. With years of specialised experience in the manufacture and supply of fire doors, we offer products that are not only robust but also rigorously certified to meet and exceed the latest regulatory standards. This ensures that every product we supply contributes effectively to the safety of your premises.

Another compelling reason to choose us is our comprehensive solutions. We eliminate the complexities and risks typically associated with selecting and assembling disparate door components. By offering door sets, we guarantee that all elements are perfectly compatible and meet the required performance criteria. This streamlines the installation process and ensures optimal functionality and compliance.

Choosing Door & Joinery Solutions also means enjoying peace of mind. Knowing that your fire rated door and frame sets fully comply with current fire and escape door legislation alleviates worries about compliance and safety. We manage every detail, ensuring that each set is fit-for-purpose and ready to install upon delivery, saving you time and preventing compliance headaches.

Finally, our products are tailored to your needs. We understand that every building is unique, as are the requirements for fire doors. Whether you are involved in a new build, refurbishing an existing structure, or upgrading your facilities, our door sets are designed to integrate seamlessly. They not only enhance the safety of your premises but also improve its aesthetic appeal, ensuring that form and function go hand in hand.

At Door & Joinery Solutions, we provide more than just fire doors; we deliver safety, compliance, and peace of mind tailored precisely to your needs.

Ensure your safety and compliance.

Choosing us for your fire door needs means entrusting your safety and compliance to seasoned experts. Our door sets are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of fire safety regulations, ensuring that you remain compliant with all legal requirements. This commitment to quality provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your fire safety measures are robust, reliable, and up to date.

Our fire door sets offer a straightforward, effective solution for achieving critical fire safety standards. By simplifying the process with our pre-assembled, fully compliant products, we allow you to concentrate on your core activities, whether that's running your business efficiently or enjoying the comfort of your home, without the constant concern over safety issues. We handle the complexities of fire safety, freeing you to focus on what matters most to you.

We also understand that each customer's needs are unique, which is why we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Whether you have questions about integrating our products into your property, need advice on compliance issues, or require a bespoke solution, our team is ready to assist. At Door & Joinery Solutions, we don't just supply products, we build partnerships and provide expert advice and support tailored to your unique situation.

Please contact us for more detailed information or to speak with one of our fire door specialists. We are committed to offering products, services, and support that exceed your expectations, ensuring that your safety and compliance are in capable hands.