Non Fire & Fire Rated Screens

Having accurately measured and expertly manufactured fire doors is a legal requirement, an insurance obligation and of course common sense in commercial and public buildings or multi-residential homes.

When constructing, upgrading or refurbishing some properties, you may also find you need to erect 100% reliable fire screens. These structures are designed to halt the progress of heat, smoke and fumes, trapping them into a confined space. This allows occupants of the building to evacuate safely, and buys time for emergency services to arrive. The additional benefit of fire screens is that they can limit the damage to your property and its contents by holding back the fire and smoke until it can be extinguished.

Door and Joinery Solutions offers a bespoke service producing fire rated glazed screens to your exact specifications.

These can be produced with up to a FD60 rating as required . This means they can offer up to 60 minutes' integrity and insulation (for more information on this rating system, visit our Fire Doors page.)

As with our high-quality fire doors, our fire screens can be designed, engineered and framed in various timbers.

As fire screens are often in a central and high visibility location, they usually include glass components. This allows light to pass through and creates an attractive appearance. Door and Joinery Solutions Ltd ensures all the components meet fire safety criteria.

We can supply 100% accurate and reliable fire screens for any location and purpose, delivered directly to any address in the UK.

These can be supplied either pre-glazed with the safety glass already in place or, if it’s more practical, we can deliver one of our superb fire screens and separate glass components for your team to fit on site.

Please see our page About Us for the ways in which Door and Joinery Solutions ensures that its components, craftsmanship and finished products all meet both legal and insurance requirements.

Call us for more help on buying 100% reliable and visually appealing fire screens.

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