Fire Doors

Not all fire doors are created equal.

When building, updating or renovating property, it's vitally important to commission or buy a fire door that not only fits but is also appropriate for its purpose and the classification of your building.

Door and Joinery Solutions would be delighted to help you to match the right specification of door to your specific needs and obligations.

However, as a rule of thumb, fire doors are generally “measured” in terms of FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120.

This indicates the length of time that the door can maintain its seal and integrity when heat is applied. In the UK, the minimum resistance level for your fire door should be 30 minutes, which is FD30.

This allows sufficient time for someone to vacate the building in the event of the fire and for emergency crews to attend. For buildings with multiple floors, multiple occupants or vulnerable residents such as care homes, the evacuation timeframe needs to be extended. This may mean having a fire door that can resist heat, smoke and fumes for 120 minutes, FD120.

We can supply any rating of fire door to fit any space. We can also quickly supply standard fire doors, delivering them to your premise anywhere in mainland UK via swift delivery services.

Door and Joinery Solutions Ltd can also design, manufacture and supply fire doors which are:

  • Soundproofed up to 42db (decibel) rating
  • Finished in a variety of aesthetic options:
    • Veneered
    • Laminated
    • Paint grade
  • Pre-glazed using fire retardant glass
  • Lead protected

We can also provide the door frames finished to your exact specifications, and equally reliable.

When it comes to fitting fire doors, the frame is a vital component in ensuring it does its job effectively. Where applicable we include intumescent strips; a chemical component which expands when exposed to high temperatures, creating an even more effective seal.

Our frames also have acoustic and smoke seals as standard, providing a further barrier to the progress of heat, smoke and fumes. This ensures that you fully comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements, keeping your residents, staff and visitors safe in the event of fire.

For more details about how Door and Joinery Solutions protects the legal and insurance compliance of our customers, see About Us.

Ready to buy a fire door? Get in touch for help with every step of the process.

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